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We provide various contents affiliated to COOPN Digital’s service

Content Provision

Providing effective contents targeting each channel customers

CRM & Reward


Supplying and operating of
content for corporate
marketing activities

  • Financial
  • Telecom
  • General

Branding & Marketing


Providing content for
enhancing brand image and
generating revenue

  • Brand stores

e-commerce & Retail

Distribution Channels

Distributing and selling
contents to social commerce,
open markets, etc.

  • Social
  • Open
  • Shopping

Mobile Gift Card

Mobile gift cards that can be exchanged for physical products
after presentation at a partner brand store

Simply put, present and redeem it for the goods or services.

Pay it like cash, the remaining balance is redeemable on your next purchases

Gift Card

Cash vouchers in the form of a physical card
available for face-to-face sale

Pay’s Gift

Integrated mobile gift voucher that customers can spend as
much as they want from affiliated brands

Exchange Voucher

Business card-sized mobile exchange voucher for
receiving the desired product

How to exchange

STEP 01 Select the product
STEP 02 Enter phone number and
authentication code
STEP 03 Receive MMS

Mobile & paper voucher

Connect to the
exchange center

Receive MMS after selecting the
product and entering information

Online & Offline Gift Voucher

Online, offline gift voucher from affiliates